Monday, 29 April 2013

Bank Top Brewery Presents The Wrestling Series.

Inspired by David and Ian's wrestling past, each month we will be releasing a new beer named after a famous wrestling hold.  Every month throughout 2013 a new beer will be released and a percentage from their sales will go directly to Sharples Wrestling Club.  The money raised will be used to buy new equipment and make improvements to the clubs training base.

So far the series has included:
  • Grappler (3.7%) - Brewed using a new British hop variety this refreshing session bitter subtly combines delicate berry flavours with a soft floral bouquet.
  • Back Bridge (3.8%) - An easy drinking pale bitter with a crisp hoppy, citrus aftertaste.
  • Quarter Nelson (4.0%) - A pale straw bitter with a sharp bitterness and some herbal notes, followed by a clean refreshing dry hopped finish.
  • Chancery (3.9%) - A crisp amber beer brewed with a combination of New Zealand and American hops
And May's beer will be...
Bear Hug

A deep amber bitter with distinctive black fruit flavours and a delicate slightly spicy aroma

Monday, 15 April 2013

Neils Birthday

Neil Celebrated his Birthday with friends and family whilst on a day out in Manchester. With drinks in the Waterhouse and the City Arms we then headed to the Ritz to watch the Fratellis. Brilliant night!!